Welcome Chyna to the Laughing Paw Farm gang!


Here's what Pet Parent, Shanna, had to say:


The treats go too fast for us to get pictures with them but here's a photo of our Chyna.

(We call her "Chy" for short.)  She loves your treats!

Chy lives in Gettysburg, PA. She's five years old but still very much a puppy. She gets along very well with her two cat sisters. 

She's some sort of pit/boxer/something else mix... we're not sure... we rescued her from a local shelter when she was four months old, after another family adopted her and then gave her back a week later because she was "too much to handle" - luckily she's just right for us!

Such a pleasure to see you at Rhinebeck every year.



From the LPF Gang:

Thanks for sharing Shanna ~ it's a pleasure to see you every year too!
Chyna is a real beauty.
Just look at those eyes and that hat is ... simply divine!